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Sale of steel container, steel bulk

Archiv: 2013-12-29

Prímagáz Hungária Zrt. has been a prominent player of the Hungarian propane-butane gas market for more than 20 years. With its countrywide system, Prímagáz is the leading company of propane-butane cylinder and bulk supply all over Hungary.

As a result of developments and market trends, now there is an opportunity to purchase equipment which is out of use. These are mainly steel bulk which were previously used for storing gas. Some examples can be seen on the pictures. Bulk volumes available: 3 m3, 5 m3, 10 m3, 25 m3, 40 m3 and 63 m3. The condition of the bulks is different: the majority is still suitable for storing gas, and some of them can be used for storing other materials, e.g. liquid and dry substances. They can be renewed with CE qualification and warranty. If needed, they can also be transformed for other purposes, e.g. they can collect rain water and be fitted with a pump. The bulks can be seen in Hungary, and their documentation is available. The price can be negotiated. 

What kind of materials can be stored in the bulks?

  • rain water, 
  • meteoric water, 
  • well water,
  • sewage water, 
  • domestic waste water, 
  • fuel, 
  • oil, 
  • chemicals, 
  • fluids, 
  • liquid waste, 
  • liquid dangerous materials, 
  • grainy materials, 
  • granule, 
  • pellet, 
  • solution, 
  • mash, 
  • forage, 
  • grainy forage, 
  • seeds, 
  • wheat, 
  • corn and cereal.


What kind of functions does the bulks have?

Decantation, treatment, cleaning, mixing, processing, conversion, fermentation, closure, deposition, obstruction, technological container, buffer container, flow-through container, pressure-resistant, pressure-tight, pressure-keeping, compressed/aspirated container, CE qualified container, CE qualified gas storing container, ready-to-use gas container, propane gas storage, propane gas container, methane/ethane/propane container.

black steel container

underground bulk


white steel container

bulk above ground use


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